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Justin Greenslate, Esq.
Owner, Lead Attorney

Undergraduate Studies

B.A. of Criminology at University of South Florida
Tampa, FL
Member of Sigma Chi Fraternity

Law School

Juris Doctor at FAMU College of Law
Orlando, FL
Member of CLS (Christian Legal Society)
Vice-President of HALSA (Hispanic American Law School Association)

Law Clerk

Conti Moore Law, PLLC

Born in Tampa, Florida, Justin Greenslate, Esquire developed an early interest in the legal system. During his high school years, he aspired to become an attorney to assist those lacking equitable access to legal representation. Mr. Greenslate pursued his passion for law at the University of South Florida (USF) and ultimately selected Florida Agriculture and Machinery University’s College of Law (FAMU College of Law) for his legal education. Throughout law school, he excelled in networking, participating in mock trials, and interning at reputable law firms to augment his legal acumen. In 2015, Mr. Greenslate graduated, earning a place on the Dean’s list during his final year, and successfully passed the Florida Bar on his initial attempt.

In 2016, Mr. Greenslate established his own legal practice, Greenslate Law Firm, LLC. From the inception of his first case, his primary focus has been Personal Injury law. When a friend experienced a vehicular accident and required guidance, Mr. Greenslate employed his legal expertise to assist, subsequently solidifying his specialization as a Personal Injury attorney.

Over the course of seven years, Mr. Greenslate has secured substantial settlements for his clients and managed a diverse array of Personal Injury cases, including slip and fall incidents, automobile accidents, pedestrian collisions, and semi-tractor-trailer accidents. He consistently adheres to a client-centric philosophy, maintaining direct and ongoing communication with each client. At Greenslate Law Firm, LLC, clients interact with an attorney rather than a case manager, as is customary in many Personal Injury law firms. Mr. Greenslate acknowledges the challenges faced by individuals during Personal Injury cases and ensures he is personally involved in all aspects of his clients’ cases, from intake to medical treatment, settlement negotiations, and litigation, if necessary.

Should you experience a vehicular accident, slip and fall, or premises liability incident, contact Greenslate Law Firm, LLC to consult with a knowledgeable attorney well-versed in post-injury procedures. Remember, IF YOUR PAIN IS GREAT, CALL GREENSLATE.

Justin Greenslate, Esq., was born locally here in Tampa, but was raised mostly in Flatwoods, KY. He eventually moved down to Florida in 1999 and has lived here permanently since. Justin has been around a courthouse and law offices since he was a child, with his aunt being a very influential attorney in Flatwoods, Kentucky, and also has seen the other side of the law, with a few of his close family member, in and out of jail, during his childhood and early adolescent years. Justin knew early on that he wanted to be an attorney, to be able to help those he felt did not get a fair shot at the legal system, whether it being in the criminal or family law courts. Justing saw how important it is for an individual to be properly represented in a legal matter when his life was directly affected by a custody decision and knew from that moment on that he had to become an attorney to make sure that other’s rights were upheld.

Justin studied Criminology during his years at USF in Tampa, in order to gain an understanding of how the justice system worked and how a person’s life could lead to them to instances where their freedom could be put at jeopardy. Justin worked for the Public Defender during a summer at USF and became enthralled by the lack of communication a client would actually have with their attorney and vowed to change this once he became a lawyer himself. Justin finished his undergrad and moved out to Orlando, once he was accepted into FAMU College of Law. During this time in Orlando he had a chance to work with rising firm Conti Moore Law, PLLC and had a great opportunity to work on a case that was gaining national attentions based on the parties involved. Justin also got a better glimpse of the family law side of the legal system and was reminded of the vow he made as a child which was to provide the best representation possible to parents trying to get more rights with regards to their children.

Justin also during his time in college and Law school, worked in the hospitality industry and has seen first hand the injustices that are very prevalent in most restaurants and bars across the state of Florida. He saw how the managers and owners of restaurants could underpay and force their employees to work hours that they were not being properly compensated for and made a decision to halt those practices one he became an attorney.

Justin is a recent father himself with a beautiful child, a boy name Jaxson, a loving fianc√© Karen, and a new step daughter Isabella. He is enjoying the time with his newborn son and proclaims it’s the “best thing that has ever happened to him”, becoming a father. Justin enjoys University of Kentucky basketball, Dallas Cowboys football and is enthralled with the Star Wars movies saga. He has a very colorful past and a bright future ahead of him.